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 Identifying  the power within!

The M.E.E. Movement is an organization that empowers women to recognize their value through coaching, motivational talks and training. 

Our core values are: passion, authenticity, commitment and transparency.

Meet The Founder of the M.E.E Movement 

Colette Lawrence


Author ~ Empowerment Speaker ~ Leadership Trainer ~ Christian Life Coach

Colette is an empowered woman, inspiring women to be who they were created to be. She is passionate about fulfilling her life purpose of empowering women to know who they are, and to identify the power that lies within them.  This power she believes not only helps to identify their God given purpose, but it allows them to also use their voice as a tool to uplift others.

Colette fully understands the barriers and the fears that affect women who want to know and live out their purpose. Her clients can be confident in the fact that because she has been in their place, she is able to help them dig deep to find their own power and purpose. She believes that knowing who you are is the first step on the journey to a purpose filled life.

Colette’s core message is empowerment, she is an Author, certified Life Coach, and a certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer with the John Maxwell team.  She believes that an empowered woman not only empowers others but is powerful in the knowledge of who she is, and what she can accomplish. She is on a mission to impact the lives of the women who are assigned to her, whether she is their coach, their trainer or as she shares a word that will transform their lives. Colette utilizes her Christian principles as the base of all her engagements.

The M.E.E Movement LLC was born out of the knowledge of who she is and the weight she carries to make an impact in this world. Whatever the services that you need, Colette will deliver with authenticity and passion and leave you inspired to make your next move.

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About The Founder

What Are We About?

Our Mission

Vision Statement

The M.E.E Movement's aim is to be an agent of change for women seeking to build their confidence, and use their voice to fulfill their lives' purpose.

Mission Statement

The M.E.E Movement's mission is to motivate, empower and encourage women to identify the power within them so that they can walk in confidence, use their voice to reclaim their power and live their life purposefully.


Motivating, Empowering and Encouraging by design.

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Get Ready to Take Action

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Motivating and Memorable



Seize the opportunity

As a professional life coach, I can help you to move forward by identifying what is holding you back from accomplishing your dreams. I provide a safe space for you to be open and heard, setting actionable goals and plans to move you to the next level . Let me help you rebuild your confidence, reclaim your voice  and discover the woman that God has called you to be.

Be inspired and motivated to  take the next step, to move from where you are to where you need to be! My keynote speeches will engage, encourage and empower you  to take action. My goal is not just to make you or your group feel good, but also, to inspire you to want more, to be more and to do more. To thrive and not just survive,  living life by your design.

Are you a leader or individual focused on making an impact? Now is the time for growth and getting results in every area of your life. As a trained facilitator, I provide training on communication, leadership and personal development. Perfect for groups and individuals on your personal and professional journey. Get the information you need to succeed!

 Testimonials and Reviews


I received value from this Mastermind group training. Colette is a keen listener and very open. It was nice to have a forum to just talk about things out loud (like your own faults etc.) and to hear others' perspectives and experiences. I would recommend...with Colette as host of the group again. Personally, I found it insightful and practical.

Belinda L - 04/18/2020


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