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Affairs of the Heart

Just a week ago some celebrated Valentine's Day while others scoffed at the day and what it represents. Valentine's Day is all about love, especially the love of man and woman as they intimately pursue each other. The truth however is, many do not celebrate because they are casualties of that devastating event called heartbreak or a broken heart. They have been crushed and have experienced or are experiencing a pain so deep within that seems irreparable. They have been deeply wounded - a wound of the soul. Such pain is so intense and is seemly stifling to the point that one might question can I live through this; can I live trust again; can I ever love again?

Is recovery from heartbreak at all possible? The answer is a resounding YES! As painful and seemingly debilitating as it might be right now you can get through it and move on.

Psalm 34:18a, NKJV says, "the Lord is near to those who have a broken heart".

Hold on to this eternal promise. We often believe that this verse only addresses matters of broken relationships between God and man but it does deal with broken relationships between man and man.

It is not that He gets any closer to us when we suffer a broken heart but often during this time we want to be alone and even feel that there is no one who understands or can help us, but God is offering Himself to us during this dreadful time. Reach out to Him and accept his care, comfort and counsel. His arms are wide open ready to embrace you and to wipe away those tears. I know I have been there.

The pain of heartbreak is never easy to bear or to live through however with the knowledge of God being near to the broken heart, be confident that He will care for you, wiping your tears and encouraging you. You however, have a part to play by forgiving the one who broke your heart. This is the ultimate medicine for heartbreak. But as time passes by you will get a clearer understanding of the reason you suffered the heart break because God works all things together for our good.

Be healed and go love again.

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