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Broken, Yet Useful

Psalm 38:18 "The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart and saves such as have a contrite spirit."

In this verse, God reminds us that He is close to those who are broken and that we are precious to Him even in our brokenness.. Sometimes in our brokenness, we feel helpless and useless, as if we have no purpose; we are reminded that we are valuable to God.

For example, I remember two (2) of my daughters made some ceramics pieces in High School. Over time, two of the pieces broke. When I saw them, I thought of the time and effort they had put into making them, so I decided to restore them.

I put them away, intending to get some super glue to put them back together. It so happened that I forgot about them until their dad purchased a super glue for another purpose. I took the broken pieces and applied the glue – even using an elastic band to hold one of them in place. The imperfect pieces were a beauty to behold when the glue was dried, and this is how God sees us, broken and marred, yet beautiful.

It is good that God does not cast us aside when we are broken, but He lovingly and Patiently waits on us and puts the broken pieces back together again. So in our brokenness, we still have a purpose. God has saved us and given us the chance to fulfill our purpose.

The Word of God is what will keep us together (like the super glue) and encourage us to go on, and though we might still have flaws, God looks beyond them, sees our hearts, and loves us with an everlasting love.

So today, if you are going through a season of brokenness, remember that you still have a purpose, you still have worth, you are valuable to God, and you are worth more to Him than many sparrows. Each day has its challenges, but the blessings of God far outnumber the challenges we face.

You are a masterpiece designed by God for a Purpose. He who has created you sees your potential, so regardless of how you might feel or view yourself, There is a treasure deep within you, ready and waiting to be released by you. So take courage. “The Potter wants to put you back together again.”

Guest Devotional contributor: Helen Samuels

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