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Choose You

We are living in unprecedented times, there are are so many things that are affecting us and vying for our attention. There is a lot on our plates and barely enough time to focus on us, family, career, health and financial crisis just to name a few take center stage. If we aren't careful we get so caught up in what is happening around us that we lose sight of ourselves in the process. What is getting your attention, what is the thing that has you so caught up that it feels as if you have lost yourself?

In order to take care of others, we have to take care of ourselves first...

On a flight we are instructed that in the event of an emergency we should place the oxygen masks on our face first before assisting someone else with theirs. How can we apply that to our lives daily? We do it by ensuring that our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological lives are in order. For every decision that we make, for every time that we choose us, it comes with a cost.

Choosing ourselves is not selfish, it is self preserving, its taking care of us so that we can take care of others. The question to ask then is this, am I worth it, what will I lose in choosing me, will I drop any balls? Even though others won't understand, even though it will come at a risk, even though it can be hard, we have to put ourselves first so that we can take care of ourselves and those whom we love. Being the best version of yourself is worth it. There is a powerful saying 'you cannot pour from an empty cup.'

You are important, you being whole is important, don't lose yourself in this time, make a conscious effort to work on you, spiritually and emotionally. Look at yourself and declare that you will survive! The God whom we serve is able to keep us, trust Him in this season and know that whatever happens, even though it may look hard, He will not only keep you, He will preserve you. I hope you choose you.

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