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Do You Watch The Time?

I have to admit it, I am impatient, whew, there I said it. It is hard acknowledging that fact to myself and then be brave enough to share with others. You are my community, so I can share with you.

You may be asking, why is that such a big deal as almost everyone is, however, I actually thought that I was a patient woman, and I only get impatient at times. However, that is not so at all. Reflection is a powerful tool that we should use, whether at the end of each day, week or at the end of the year. It is an opportunity to look back, take stock, make adjustments and changes if necessary and make plans to move forward.

I have been going through a hard season and in one of my moments of reflection, I realized that I have not been waiting and that I do not wait well. Waiting requires trust, whether what I am waiting on works in my favor or not, I have to trust the the process. no matter the outcome. It will all work out for my good. When I look at my emotional health, I want to rush through hurt and pain so that I can be well, I want things to happen now, in my business, my ministry, my life and my family.

As I acknowledged the thoughts and truly processed how not waiting has caused me to doubt God's plans and purpose for my life. I can't help thinking about the outcome of some of the decisions that I made, if only I had just waited. To wait does not suggest denial, it suggests process. The process is simply to prepare us for what we are believing and praying for. Although the waiting process is not easy, it is necessary.

As I think about a cake, once all the ingredients are mixed together and poured, ready for the oven, depending on what you are baking, the temperature has to be set to the right degree. After this the waiting game begins, if this process is skipped we then have an unfinished product, that is not palatable. This is what life looks like, when we rush the process that will take us through the path that is leading us to purpose, we are not ready for what will unfold because we did not follow all the instructions.

I have observed that in the times when I truly waited, because I had no other choice, the outcome looks different.

These are my observations:

  1. A calm peace in my Spirit

  2. A more focused approach

  3. More details unfold which stems from clearer thoughts

  4. Excitement builds at the prospect of the outcome

  5. More prepared, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally

I am now on this journey to truly wait, this season that I am in demands patience, and is actually forcing me to wait. I can't say that it is easy and that I do not want 'sometimes want to run away or skip the process, however from my observations there is much to gain in waiting. How about you, what has impatience taught you and how will you learn the art of waiting? I would love to hear from you, comment and let me know,

Isaiah 40:31 - But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
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