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From Struggle to Success: The Power of Asking for Help

Let's face it: asking for help can be downright hard sometimes; worrying about the request and the response can deter us from keeping our mouths closed. Have

Have you ever heard the statement "a closed mouth doesn't get fed"? That is what happens when we are afraid to speak up and ask for what we need.

There is a project that I am revamping because it was not performing at all. As I stood in the kitchen thinking about this project, I pulled up the graphic on my phone and wondered who I could contact for help. Immediately, the name of someone I recently connected with and "knew" through a program decades ago came to mind.

You can imagine the thoughts that flowed through my mind as I contemplated reaching out to someone I never met to ask for help. Before I could sabotage myself, I immediately started drafting the message, and with a glance over, I pressed send. Honestly, I am still determining what I expected; if she even read the message, it would either not be acknowledged or responded to or days before receiving a response from her.

I received a detailed response in MINUTES! At that very moment, I knew I didn't believe I would receive what I was asking for. How many times have we been there? We have a need; we need help with something someone else can answer, and we are afraid to ask because we fear the response.

Successful people ask questions, admit they don't have all the answers, need help, and seek out that help. Now, the response I received answered even what I did not ask; this gave me the insight necessary to start over again with fresh eyes, a renewed mindset, new perspectives, and a belief that it is possible to have success.

What struck me more than anything else was the tone in which I received the message; it was one of camaraderie and understanding and a desire to see me succeed.

If we never ask the question, we won't receive the answers or even encouragement from someone rooting for us on the sideline. The real struggle will always be asking for help; however, if we don't ask for what we need to get to the next level, it cannot come because the person with the answer we need is waiting for us to ASK.

Go ahead and ask today; God has already prepared the person with the response you are waiting for.

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