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It's Not What Men Say! 

On February 6, 2023, a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake and aftershocks hit Southeast Turkey and northwest Syria.

I recall sitting in my living room watching the replay of what happened earlier in the day, and pain seared my heart.

Tall buildings crumbled like paper before my eyes, tragic, unimaginable, and surreal.

As the days progressed and aftershocks increased, the likelihood of finding other survivors decreased.

It is said that a week is the most we can survive without water. They said that it was unlikely that after 100 hours, there would be any survivors.

Yet 11 days and 278 hours later, two other survivors were found.

What are you faced with that time seems to be running out, and you need an answer now? From the looks of it, you cannot see how God can deliver. Have your friends or family confirmed your thoughts by telling you it will not happen?

"Just when our hopes were over, we reached our brother Osman at the 260th hour," police rescue team leader Okan To Sun told DHA”. (NPR News).

Sis, when your faith is low, and hope is running out, TRUST GOD.

I have been in situations, and maybe you have as well, where we could not see how things would work out; fear gripped our hearts at the possibility of the worst outcome, yet God came through.

Honestly, the answer does not always seem to come when we expect it to, but God is always on time. The woman with the issue of blood trusted and believed in the impossible; the rescue workers in Turkey and Syria did not give up; they kept digging and searching, though it looked impossible.

So should we do the same by keeping HOPE alive and trusting the God of the impossible?

Sis, look beyond what your physical eyes are seeing and what men are saying, and look through the eyes of faith.

Father in heaven, strengthen my sister today, give her comfort where she needs it, the courage to stay the course with you, and remind her of the many times you have come through for her and how you have been there for her. Let her know that you are right there with her. In your name, I pray, Amen.

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