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Keeping it Real

Lack of self confidence is a real killer. It robs us of the belief in ourselves and our abilities. For years that has been my struggle, it showed up in my conversations, in my jobs, my relationships and colored almost every area of my life.

I was able to recognize this through the following ways:

-A 'woe is me' attitude fueled by negative thinking

-Negative self talk

-Afraid of speak up

-Shying away from responsibilities

-Always hiding in the background

These were just a few of the signs that comes immediately to my mind. Needless to say, those feelings and attitudes were hindrances to my growth and development. Let me share how they showed up in my life:

1. I lost myself

2. I lost my voice

3 I felt devalued

4 I lost my boldness and tenacity

5.I felt unseen

To identify what was happening, I had to go to the root cause. Once I found out what that was, it was the beginning of my change. It hasn't been an easy road I can tell you. So many missed opportunities to contribute and add value, missed seats at tables due to fear and doubt which was fueled by a lack of confidence. For me to walk in purpose I had to make a deliberate effort to change my mindset.

Here's is how I started:

  1. By changing my self talk from negative to positive

  2. Started accepting additional responsibilities

  3. Using my voice and speaking up

  4. Changed my posture: no more downcast look - head held high

  5. Accepting me

Change is necessary for the journey that I am on, without this change I couldn't embrace this new season. I wouldn't be able to confidently say to someone, that I have been where they are, and that how we think and act defines us and that is also how people will treat us. I celebrate the victory of this new found path and determined to guard my thoughts, use my voice and show up, confidently.

I hope you learn from my sharing how important confidence is in this showing up as your best self.

With confidence we thrive not just survive!
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