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Letting Go

Have you ever been at that place where you feel stuck? I have. It's almost like an in between space, of where you are now and the place that you need to get to. You glimpse what's ahead of you, however, the thrill of the past, the taste of the known, is like an aphrodisiac that you don't want to let go of. With all these in play it's hard to let go of the past and push toward the uncertain future.

Let's face it, we know the future beckons, however we lack the patience to rebuild, to chart new paths, find new love or let it find us and do what it takes to be the best version of ourselves and the list goes on... As I reflect on my own journey, I can identify the many places and situations in which letting go was the hardest thing to do, acknowledging that I had to let go was one thing, actually doing it was another. In some instances I stayed stuck for years, no drive to release myself from where I was, I always found a reason to convince myself to remain.

By human nature we tend to hold on to things for dear life that no longer works for us. We create a lot of excuses why we need to stay; in a situation, in a job, in a relationship etc. We always have the belief that things will change, that it will get better and every day and every year we say the same thing and nothing ever does. We hold on so tightly that we bruise our own selves and not even recognize it, we are scarred, but denial sets in and blind us to to the scars. Just imagine, I am willfully holding on and hurting my own self and that is not enough of a factor for me (us) to let go.

Listen I know its hard, it is one of the hardest things to do. This starting over thing is really scary, picking up the ;pieces and collecting the fragments, who wants to do that? One of the many lessons that I have learned is that in the process of holding on to what should be released we lose ourselves. What would letting go do for us and what does it look like? For me, it is taking me back, recognizing that I am the one that is holding myself back. It also looks like freedom, because once I release, I am open to receive all that is there for me and it also opens the door for me to give.

Isaiah 43: 18&19 "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland."

Let go to receive all that is available to you. It's hard, but you can do it, generations are counting on you.

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