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Positioned for Purpose

“Before you were knit in your mother’s womb, I knew your substance.” Jeremiah 1:4

There isn’t one of us born, who is without purpose. In the verse above, as a young man, the Prophet Jeremiah was informed by God that his life was purposed even before he was conceived. So it is with us!!

We are not here by chance, but with distinctive purpose. What if we took some time and went back into our histories a little to explore some of the situations we experienced, the outcomes, the whys we wondered about, to make a trail to our present? What would we find? Could it be that we would find specific relationships that made us stronger, or that made us think differently? Or that caused us to move to a certain place, or develop a certain friendship, or maybe even look up and say to God, why am I here? We don’t always understand everything that goes on around us, but through God every experience finds its way.

How do we become positioned for purpose? Most important; is to have a relationship with the One who gives us purpose, the One who says that before we were conceived, He placed His purpose in us. Like Jeremiah, we existed in the mind and plan of Almighty God before we were conceived. That is purpose!!

Jeremiah was told, who he was, so that he would begin to walk in the purpose God planned for him, and not in his own will. If we don’t know we have purpose, how can we be positioned for it? Esther had to be told by her cousin what the purpose for her position was, and if she did not fulfill it, the Lord would find another.

If we haven’t been! Let us choose to walk with the Giver of our purpose. As we walk with Him and seek to understand who we are in Him, as we listen for His voice, our positioning will be set by Him. As He revealed to Jeremiah, just so, Almighty God will reveal to us. Let’s choose to be aligned to the will of God, so that we are positioned for His purpose.

Father! lead us to our purpose so that we will always fulfill our substance that comes from You.

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