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As we approach the closing of this year and this chapter in our lives, it is important that we take a look back at what this year has meant to us. Reflection is a necessary part of our lives, if we are to learn, grow and move then we need to look at what the past has taught us.

In the Law of Reflection from John Maxwell's book the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth he states that "reflection turns experience into insight".

Maybe you are like me, this year, I made mistakes, paused when I should have continued, stopped when I should have proceeded, I celebrated victories, I had some losses, I formed new relationships, strengthened some, and lost some. When we take that backward look, we have an opportunity to note those things that not only built us, but also broke us. We will then make the conscious decision to take those lessons with us into the future. Those experiences and lessons will provide insight into how we could have operated differently in areas that we needed to have done so.

It would make no sense if my reflection does not cause change, what would be the ultimate purpose of this exercise? Peering backwards allows us to make adjustments, build, learn and grow, this should be our daily habit. In my own reflection of this year, 2020 has been the year that has stretched me to trust God more, believe in myself, the gift and the path that God has for me. It has been the year that has taken me out of my comfort zone, out of the shadows that I loved so much (well I later realized that I was hiding). More than all, this year has proven that not only is God my provider, he is my provision and he is my resource.

As we all take this time to evaluate and reflect on this year's journey, may I encourage you to not leave with only the negatives, take the positives with you also. The mere fact that we are still alive means that there is still some good. Grieve if you must for the loss you may have suffered, but then let us wipe our tears, dry our eyes and smile. Our Father gave us another day to be, do and accomplish new things. God's willing I will see you in 2021! Blessings....

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