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The Power of Women's Voices: Building Each Other Up

Have you ever considered the power of your voice and its potential to destroy or empower someone? Can you look back and identify when your voice caused those emotions? How does it make you feel? Like me, you may be filled with regret, but what was said, no matter how sorry we are, cannot be unsaid. That is why it is so critical to guard our hearts and tongues, as words spoken cannot be withdrawn, whether good or bad. 

But what if you used those words against yourself?

It is one thing if the words uplift us, but a whole other thing if it tears us down. There was a time (I still have lapses) when I used my own words against myself, such as: you are so stupid, you are an idiot, you can't do anything good. As I type these words, the emotions they evoke within me cause my heart to sink, and this is only due to my reflection. Can you imagine how I felt when I heard those words as thoughts and believed they were true? Have you ever done that, and how did it make you feel about yourself?

I remembered how hard it was to find something good to say about myself; however, as I became more self-confident and started believing what God said about me, I slowly changed my thoughts about myself, changing how I spoke to myself

For our sisters who aren't there yet, who are struggling with knowing their worth and the value that they have, our voices as sisters can make a significant impact on their lives. We will say it for however long they may need to hear us. We need them to listen to us echoing in their thoughts Until they, too, start believing and seeing the truth of what we have been telling them all along. What if we started in our homes, empowering our families with our voices, and they, in turn, took it to their community? What a message of hope that would be to the generations to come.

 As I reflect on the weight our voices carry and how we can use it as a force for good, I see how the positive words emote such a feeling of self-love and appreciation for each other and ourselves. We build each other up through our actions and, more importantly, our words; sometimes, that is the only gift we have to give each other. We all need validation at some point in our lives, someone to tell us that we are doing a good job, that we are beautiful, and that we are a blessing to be around. 

Proverbs 18:21a - Life and death are in the power of the tongue; today, let us choose life and build each other up, one word at a time.

Five Ways we can empower others with our voices

  • Share an encouraging word

  • Unite and Support each other

  • Forgive each other 

  • Lend our voice to their cause

  • Speak up for her

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