The Shadows

In a recent conversation, a request was made of a friend, her response to the request resonated and touched a chord deep within my core. It felt as if a million light bulbs started flashing in my head. You see, I was just like that and if I am true to myself and to you, a little part of that is still lingering in me. She said that she was in the shadows.

I saw how much I loved hiding, afraid to speak up in meetings, to share my opinions, thoughts and how I truly felt and most of all shying away from responsibilities. My mind was in a tail spin as I realized that hiding and staying out of the light for me, meant a lack of self confidence which led to the silencing and dulling of my voice, I was afraid of being "seen". Can you identify with this?

Have you ever noticed that you like the shadows because you won't be seen, you feel less pressured and you feel quite comfortable where you are? If you can, I want you to look at what keeps you hidden. Were you always like this, do you feel truly comfortable and confident where you are? In looking back, lack of self confidence and low self esteem were the biggest obstacles that held me back. They were used as cloaks to keep me hidden, I didn't want to be seen, as I felt that I would be judged. Later this led to me doubting that my voice had any power to make a difference,

On December 13, 2019, after years of being in the shadows, the Lord pulled me out. It was not easy, coming out. The shadows held comfort and security. Coming out meant that I now had to build my confidence, self esteem and ultimately use my voice. The transition was a daily act to leave my hiding place to step and walk in the light. It was literally putting one foot in front of the other with a determination to not return .

Our voices are powerful tools, we should use it to make a difference and impact lives daily; in our homes, offices, church and community. However, due to fear and other issues, we stay silent. M