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This Christmas

Peals of laughter rang throughout the house, music blaring from the living room, and children playing contentedly in the corner, glad to be left alone. Everywhere there was a feeling of love and happiness. As I watched my family busy themselves preparing for the big day, I couldn’t help but feel joy as they worked together to make this day a special one for all.

For years the Christmas holiday was one that I dreaded. It was lonely and always seemed to remind me of my singleness. I tried my best for my children; however, it was not a joyful occasion for me. It was a time when I usually preferred to stay at home and be left with my thoughts and wallow in my misery.

Years later, I became whole, and my perspective changed. Slowly, I began to engage in the Christmas experience. Each year I extended myself to participate and be present in the moment, remembering the real reason for the celebration.

This morning as I sit in my living room writing this for you, I can’t help but think of those persons who are in the same place I was. So as you go through the holiday season, check up on your friends and family members.

If you notice that they are withdrawn and want to be left alone, I encourage you to take the time to sit with them and find out what is happening.

Here are some things that you can do:

  • Be understanding.

  • Ask what you can do to help them through the season.

  • Then Listen and Hear their response.

  • Meet them where they are, as chances are they don’t want to leave their homes. Offer to go over.

  • Take the Christmas spirit to them in small doses.

  • Don’t crowd them if they say yes, and don’t force them to participate if they don’t want to. You might not be able to empathize but ask for wisdom to understand and love them through the season.

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas everyone, and abundant blessings for the New Year. Remember, practice understanding and empathy for those who aren’t feeling the Christmas spirit and love them through it.

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