We did it, yeah we did it

As I am sitting here tonight writing this, there is a broad and satisfied smile on my face, friends the vision became reality. Our very first Women's Conference took place on Friday, November 5, 2021.

Moving from vision to reality is not always easy, there are so many emotions that takes place: doubt, fear, anxiety, some level of excitement and the dreaded, what if I fail question. If we give place to the negative emotions we will never get to the place of fulfilling the call.

Sometimes we apply "weights" to the thing that we are called to do, and based on whether we think the weight is too heavy or too light will determine the outcome of our next move. If you know me, a lack of self confidence dominated my life for a long time and the call and the desire to do this conference was scary.

Stepping forward to saying yes, amidst the fear and doubt, was a victory for me and a reminder that God will provide all that we need when we accept His will. Everything that we needed for this conference was provided, God opened doors and granted favor, He gave me women to partner with that said yes without hesitating.

I do not want to continue living my life by "smalling up myself" and neither should you. I have a gift and love sharing it with others, whether its for 1 or 100 persons they all value the same to me. There comes a time when we have to move forward from fear to faith, from doubt to belief. What are you saying no to out of fear, what is your assignment?