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What has gotten your attention?

Sometimes our vision can appear blurry to say the least. Often times this happens when we spend too much time focusing on something that we can't change or have little to no control over. Tony Robbins says,

"Where focus goes energy flows",

this is so true, if our focus is on the negative, then negative energy flows and vice versa.

Have you ever peered at something so intently, that when you take your eyes off, you had to re-adjust your focus? Or, if you are like me you allow your mind to take you down a path of seemingly no return. If what I am focused on is a negative distraction then everything that flows from that connection is negative. This will affect my vision and my current view. That long gaze will refuse to see the good, and it inevitably drains our energy and sucks up the very air around us.

What has gotten your attention lately and do you need to adjust your lens? This thing, this situation that has taken your entire focus, has to be looked at in perspective. How does my focus affect the energy that I give it and what is the outcome that I expect. When your lens have adjusted, does the view seem clearer and not as bad as you think. Do you see some hope? I hope you do....

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