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Who is in your Corner?

This morning I received a song of encouragement from a friend to reminding me to hold on, the message spurred a thought in my mind, who are our encouragers? Who are the persons that stands with us when no one else will. Who are the persons that truly sees you and are quietly cheering you on, praying for you and encouraging you? Do you know appreciate them and do you value the space and place that they occupy your life?

We have enough detractors who will openly tell us that we are going to fail, and then there are those who sees us as downright failures. Sadly, that is the thought that we latch on to and allow to be played out in our heads and in our lives.

Oprah Winfrey says "there is no failure, it's just an opportunity to point us in another direction".

Guess what, we are also our own detractors, as we also have the lies that we tell our own selves and actually believe it. Lies like, I will never make it, I am not good enough, I can't get that job, and the list goes on. As someone who listened and believed in those lies I know the feeling that often times comes along with it. Truth be told, I still struggle sometimes with those thoughts and the negative feelings that it brings.

In those times, when you can't find it within yourself to believe otherwise, it is great to know there is at least one person who is always there who will fight for and with you. Who is in your corner, who are your encouragers and who are you encouraging? My encouragement to you today is, you will make it, this too shall pass, you will not go under!

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