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You Did Your Best, Acknowledge It

How many times have you completed a task, and instead of focussing on what went right, your thought is instead occupied with every minute detail of what went wrong? I am soo guilty of that. There is a big difference between reflecting to make better and reflecting to beat ourselves into the ground.

As I look back on something that happened recently, it brought to mind how often I am guilty of focussing on what I missed, what wasn't accomplished and the list goes on. You get me right? (smiles). Little did I know that this time of pondering would be different. With a sigh, I tucked myself into bed and drew the covers up and said to myself, "I tried my best", immediately I heard within my spirit, you did your best!

Hearing that in the moment, brought every negative beat down thought to a screeching halt. It had me thinking and reflecting, and in agreement I nodded my head, and acknowledged that yes I did!

This was significant for me, not because of this particular moment, but for all the other times and for everything that I had ever done up to that pivotal point. This time however, I was in a place to not only hear, but to receive what was said, and that in itself was a big thing. The simple fact is, if you and I can't acknowledge that we did good, then we are not in a place to receive the acknowledgement from others either.

Do you ever wonder why it is so hard for us to celebrate ourselves, even when others are celebrating us? Why is it so easy to focus on what went wrong instead of celebrating the win,no matter how small?. As I ponder on the question, I can identify clearly why my focus is always on what didn't happen.

Now that I know the WHY, you can understand how hearing, accepting and acknowledging was a huge deal for me. It signified growth to me and I am here for it. A changed mindset on a deep rooted issue, God knew only He could say what I didn't know that I needed to hear, and I am happy.

Today, if your focus is always on what wasn't accomplished, that it robs you of the joy of seeing that you did somethings well, please make space for grace. As you reflect on the task that was undertaken and look at what you can do better for next time, acknowledge also that you did your best.

Learn to celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small, while it might not have been perfect, you gave it your best shot, Every blessing to you.

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