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Have you ever felt that your life had no meaning, no purpose, felt voiceless and even wondered how God could use your story for His glory? Colette Lawrence shares openly about her own life and the struggles that she faced to let you know that God can use your journey to position you for His purpose.

Looking through the rearview mirror of our lives and seeing all the missteps, heartaches, pain and rejection, it’s so easy to miss God. What do you do when you feel as if He went off and left you all alone?

Colette later discovered that God was right there in the fabric of the hurt and pain, although it seemed as if He was unaware of her and her journey. She understands that while it was easy to believe that no good would come from the adversities that she faced, she later realized that that the “all things will work together for your good” is not a cliché Bible verse. Ultimately, He simply would use her to share a story of hope and purpose through her journey to strengthen another woman and remind her that there is purpose behind the pain.

Her poor choices, her need for acceptance, the loss of her confidence is no different from other women facing the same difficulties. She emphasizes that there is a place for us and our struggles in God’s plan.
Colette chose to be vulnerable in her life story to share with readers that she understands what it’s like to make wrong decisions and bad choices.

Positioned for Purpose: The Journey is a message of hope to let the reader know that our stories need to be shared, the real one. This will help another sister know that she is not alone and that God’s purposes for her life does work all things together for her good.

Positioned for Purpose: The Journey

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  • Published December 29, 2021

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  • "I started to read this book and could not put it down. I saw the author’s heart which allowed me to relate. Thank you, Colette, for being so transparent in a world where everything is sugar-coated to look and feel good. This book reminds me that we’re all on a journey here on earth. It might be different, but there is only one goal. JESUS CHRIST. Colette, thank you for being obedient so that the mere man could see the light at the end of the tunnel. That we are all here filled with purpose, and the day we TRUST God is when we receive “the more than enough.” God Bless you, my sister. Congratulations on your first of many books." Reviewed in the United States on January 7, 2022

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