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In the Beginning...

"The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step" Lao Tzu.

Oftentimes, we hesitate to take the first step for a number of reasons, the most common one is fear. Leaving the known for the unknown and sometimes not wanting to leave our comfort zone.

However, we can't allow the fear of what may lie ahead and/or the barriers that we imagine or create to hold us back. I vividly remember knowing that I had to leave my job for nearly two years, and how terrified and fearful I was. The fact is that I was comfortable where I was, and I didn't want to leave. I started sending out job applications and all I received were rejections, so I reasoned to myself that it meant that staying where I was what the Lord wanted. (I knew that wasn't the truth but I used that to comfort myself, lol)

Another time, I said to him Lord, after this particular event happens then it would be time and I repeated that cycle, it was always something else. I got comfortable and dug my heels in, however, God has a way of speaking so loudly that you have to stand up and listen and then you have no choice but to act. So, I acted not knowing what was ahead of me, mixed emotions washed over me, fear, excitement, trepidation, anxiety, and nervousness about what lied ahead. When I left the organization that I loved, I left going with their blessing and support.

Let's face it, leaving what we know to travel on an unfamiliar path is indeed daunting at first. However, when purpose calls us into walking into new beginnings , it is important to weigh the cost, is it worth it to stay where you are because of comfort and live in regret or would it be worth it to step out in faith and trust that what lies ahead is greater than what you left behind? If we never take the first step we will never know what lies ahead....

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