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In the Secret Place: A Prayer Strategy

It is the start of a new year; we all have unique goals and plans that we want to pursue. We make the regular New Year goals; we tell ourselves this year we will do better, exercise, diet, do, and be more. But for most people, the end of January will see us forgetting those well-laid plans and returning to life's normalcy.

What if you chose a different strategy this year? You invite Christ into the midst, ask Him to give you a vision for your life, tell you what He wants you to do, and then lay it all out before Him and trust Him for guidance. Would you be willing to try that?

It sounds easier said than done; it can be hard to do something unfamiliar to get the desired results, but life demands change; that's part of the growth process. We are on day 15. Reflect and do an evaluation of the past two years and all the New Year resolutions that you have made, and list how much you were able to accomplish. Then ask yourself this question: What would I lose if I tried another way to get the solutions to the problems I want to solve?

The secret place is where we meet God for a divine appointment, to ask Him for guidance and direction, a vision for our lives, and a way to fulfill it. The ways to accomplish our goals will not always be straightforward; it will stretch our faith and our trust in God, but we will grow, learn, build, and accomplish in the end; they can't be accomplished in our strength; there will be days when we feel like giving up, wondering if it is worth it.

I am here to tell you that it absolutely will. The requirement is you make a start. "The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. Make yours today and see how the secret place with God will make a difference in your life.

Start journalling your prayers and thoughts and leave space for God to respond to you. The answer may not be immediate, but when it comes, go back to the prayer and post the response, and you will see over time how your faith will increase, and you will be excited to keep going despite any and every challenge that may present itself to you. 

Adopt a child-like faith that will believe even when it doesn't appear that it can happen. Keep praying until something happens.

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