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What's in Your Purse?

The internal lies that we tell ourselves, listen and pay keen attention to affect how we see ourselves and how others see us as well. You may have been denied the additional responsibilities or the promotion because what you might have said or projected to your manager, knowingly or unknowingly, suggested to them that you aren't ready for the new role or the extra responsibilities.

As women, we are quick to put ourselves down; we say hurtful words that damage our self-confidence and keep us locked, believing the lies we have allowed the enemy to sow into our hearts, such as we aren't worthy, we are failures, and we aren't good enough. Words that we wouldn't say to someone else.

Where did those thoughts generate, and when did we allow them to define us and our value and worth? Recently, my guest presenter at one of my training sessions noted that these words are like stones. We place them in our" purses," and each time we hear something negative or receive a compliment that we accept as negative, we place them in this imaginary purse and walk around with the weight of those words on our shoulders.

What would happen if we unpacked the purses, examined each stone/word, and asked ourselves, where did this thought generate? Who or what caused me to see myself in this light, and how can I change this lie?

Every lie found has to be replaced with the truth of what God has said about us; that's the only way to lighten until we get rid of the purse.

"The vast majority of the women we interviewed (33 out of 36) raised confidence (or lack thereof) as a central factor obstructing their own and other women’s career progression." (Harvard Business Review: )

In closing, we want to reduce the statistics. Let us develop a healthy view of ourselves to take on new roles, responsibilities, and territory; we can't if we have the purse still attached with the weight of the negative words. Instead, fill your purpose with affirming words that build up, motivate, empower, and encourage.

So, what's in your purse?

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