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In Pursuit of Purpose

Each of us were created with gifts to not only benefit us but to impact the world in which we live. Sad to say, most of us do not take the time to find out what these innate gifts are, and even when we do, we chose not to pursue them. Some of the reasons why we don't is due to FEAR- fear of people's opinions, fear of failure, fear of what it will cost us and the list goes on. As children, for some of us the choice of what our purpose in life should be was selected for us, some of us made our own decisions. Some of the choices we made or what was made for us had to do with financial benefits, prestige, comfort level to name a few. We ignored the inner tugging of the things that we are passionate about that gave us much joy and made us feel satisfied. Rather than pursuing our purpose, we determine it will not get us to where we want to be, we chose rather to do things to achieve the material wealth that we desire and that society determines will make us successful. For some, they later realized that with all their achievements, their life's purpose was never fulfilled and they live or die in regret. Pursue your purpose, it's worth it. #Faithoverfear #Purposedriven #ColetteLawrence #Motivator #Speaker #Trainer #Empowering #Encouraging #HelpingPeopleFindThePowerWithin #FaithActivated #FaithInAction #Faithfilled #KillFearAndDoubt #Jamaica #SouthFlorida #TheMeeMovement

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