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How aware of you, are YOU?

May is mental health awareness month and today, my question to you is this: are you aware of YOU and of your emotional and mental wellbeing?

Life can be hard and downright difficult at times, and it can take a toll on you. Sometimes due to our business, we miss the fact there is a subtle change that is taking place in our thoughts and in our minds. When we do notice, the shifting, the change, we are at first afraid to admit to ourselves that something is off.

When we are overly concerned about the stigma of seeing a mental health practitioner or to simply share with someone that we need help, crisis steps in. What could have been easily solved by talking it over with a friend or seeking out a mental health provider, has now morphed into full blown depression and even suicidal thoughts.

I remember going through a period of depression, and all I could think of was killing myself.

These thoughts would bombard my every waking moment and seemingly everywhere I turned they would haunt me. Thoughts of walking out before a truck, or using a knife to slice my wrist seemed to want to overtake and override my own thoughts. Truth be told it was only by the grace of God and through prayerful support, plus the fact that I had two children that kept me from harming myself.

Today, I am speaking to you! If you are feeling, anxious, depressed, feel like staying in a dark place, don't want to get out of bed, feeling like the world is against you, PLEASE don't stay there. As you get to know you and the changes that are taking place within you, don't say you will get over this, it's nothing.

Seek help, speak to someone that can help you get over this period,

Finally, be consciously aware of what is taking place in your mind and what triggers a negative emotions or thoughts within, then take action. Surround yourself with people who will also help to encourage and pray over you. God has a good plan for your life and He wants you to be around to impact lives, so don't give heed to the enemies lies. Instead focus on the truth of God's word and take every thought captive to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. 2 Cor 10:3-6.

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