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Silence is Golden

Have you ever felt like there was an explosion of noise in your head, all around you, have you felt confused by the number of thoughts that seem to be competing and jostling for first place to be heard? I can.

One week prior to my birthday on August 8th, I felt the need to take a break, spend some time with my heavenly Father and with myself. It was one of those breaks that was needed, but life kept saying, not now. Somehow, this time it was important to make it a priority, the time was NOW. Close family and friends were advised and then my phone was placed on Do Not Disturb and locked away for 5 days.

The first day was hard, however I knew that this desire for solitude and silence was a cry for calm and peace, and it was necessary for the season that I am now in. As I settled in, the feeling of being refreshed after a longgggg walk in the Saharan desert washed over me. Each day as I read, prayed, meditated watched sermons, and listened to what the Holy Spirit was saying, I had to choose to drown out all other sounds.

I couldn't help but wonder, how do we allow this noise to become such a deafening tool.

Noise pollute and sometimes if allowed, it dulls our own thoughts and dare I say, our voices as well. I felt drowned out by everything and every sound, It's like I was lost in the sounds. and was unaware that I was. It was in the "away from the crowd and noise' that calm returned. Those days felt like heaven on earth, I had to choose to listen to my own thoughts, hear my own voice and push back on everything else that drew and was drawing my strength, and threatened to deafen me.

Have you ever spent a few hours or even an half hour disconnecting from everything and everyone, how did it make you feel? Would you consider doing it again? If you have never done it, I want to encourage you try it and share your experience with me.

Here are some lessons that I learnt

  • I don't need to 'hear' everything

  • In the silence there is peace...

  • I have total control in what comes in

  • Learn to know and separate the difference between good and bad sounds

  • Set time to disconnect and stick to it

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