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Woman to Woman

She rises early with the cares of yesterday still fresh in her mind. She makes a mental note of what needs to happen in her day: kids lunch to be made, softball and basketball practice, dance practice, and in between there is a Drs. appointment. Can I squeeze in some quiet time for myself this morning she wonders aloud. There is devotion and time for reflection, with so much distracting thoughts she determines that later she will find some quiet time. In the distance she hears the alarm going off and she is brought back from her thoughts. She rushes into her day and once again no time for HER.

Another sister across town is enveloped in her own thoughts, there is so much happening, that she feels she cannot breathe. So much hats to juggle and so many tasks to accomplish, she breathes a sigh and whispered, Lord help me. On her mind are all the tasks that was left unfinished from yesterday. When added to the weight of today and she feels as of she can't make it. She is holding down two jobs just to make ends meet, and she needs some time off, however with so much coming at her now is not the right time.

As women, we can find ourselves in one or both scenarios, or both and with a lot of other things added to the mix.

When do you take time for YOU to take care of you?

We are always pouring, always giving, when do you take the time to refresh your self? You make the sacrifice for everyone else, and when it comes to making the same sacrifices for ourselves, the sacrifice is too much. We are caregivers at our core, however if want to continue to provide that care, let us start by taking care of us.

Selfcare care tips:

1. Take care of YOU first!

2. Prioritize based on who or what is really important to you.

3. Learn to say NO unapologetically.

4. Be your best friend.

5. Sisterhood and support is important. Form your village/community and choose carefully.

6. Relaxation is so important.

7. Learn which relationships are for a season or a lifetime and let go when you need to.

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